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1.Can led daytime running light work in very hot weather and very cold weather?  

Yes, the working temperature range is -50°C-60°C.

2.Can led daytime running lightwork in stormy weather?  

It depends, but our waterproof grade meets IP65 standard and can be used in stormy weather.

3.How about the quality of your led DRL light?  

As one of the leading led DRL light suppliers, our quality has been proved very good, especially in waterproof performance and materials.

4.How about the waterproof performance of your products?  

The waterproof grade of our products meets IP65 standard. They can be used in the stormy weather.

5.Can you accept OEM orders?

Yes, OEM orders are welcome but price can be lower if you are willing to use our brand.

6.How long is your delivery time?

Normally it takes 4-10 days for production depending on different quantities.

7.How long is your warranty and how to perform the warranty?

 1year warranty

How to Install LED daytime running lights?
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Audi series and Volkwagen series

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